How to Create a Poll on Facebook: The Easy Way

Utilizing Facebook polls is a great way to tap into your audience and see what their honest thoughts are behind the screen.

In this post, you will learn how to create Facebook polls and how they can help with engagement and push your business or personal brand forward.

Various ways to use Facebook polls

You can access polls within Facebook groups, on a Facebook story, and through Facebook messenger.

Previously, you were able to create a poll on your timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to take that feature away.

Who knows, they might decide to bring it back one day.

Create a poll in a Facebook group

Facebook groups are one of the most effective strategies for building a community. Groups are also a great way to tap into an already existing and thriving community.

Facebook groups are one of the few places where you can search for your niche or industry and join thousands of potential customers.

Let me show you how easy it is to create a poll inside a Facebook group.

  1. Choose your group of choice

Whether on your desktop or mobile phone, head over to your Facebook homepage. Click on the Groups button. It will be on the left-side navigation if you are on a desktop. Select a group you would like to create a poll for.

  1. Create a post

Click on the "Write something..." text field to create a new post. Sometimes the poll button will appear right below this field. If it's not there, don't worry; I will show you how to get to it in the next step.

  1. Select the poll feature on your post

If you don't see the poll button right away, you will need to click on the three dots "..." pictured below.

Once you click on the three dots, Facebook will present another menu to see the Facebook poll option.

  1. Publish your Facebook poll

Once you select the poll option, the create poll screen will show up. This step allows you to add a question and one or more options for your group to answer.

Facebook story polls on the mobile app

300 million users are engaging with stories on Facebook every single day. Each time you post a story, your story jumps to the front of your audience's homepage. It's prime digital real estate, and you don't need to try and beat an algorithm.

Check out 6 easy steps to post a story on your Facebook.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device

If you are on your personal Facebook page, you will see Create Story below, where you would type an update.

If you use a Facebook business page, the Create Story button will still be on the main page, just in a different spot.

The red squares show you where you can tap in order to make a story on your Facebook business page.

  1. Tap on "Create story"

Once you are currently in the story creation screen, the only way to add a poll is through a sticker. You must select a photo to add a sticker.

You can get creative here and take a screenshot of a cool background, or if you are tech-savvy, you can design one yourself.

  1. Select a photo

Choose the photo or design of your choice, and you will see a new screen with a preview of your story.

  1. Tap on Stickers

You will see a few different options on the top right of your screen. The first one will say Stickers. Click on the first option, and another menu will slide up from the bottom.

  1. Select the Poll sticker

This step is super easy; tap on the Poll icon.

  1. Think of an engaging question

Now that you have chosen a dope background and selected a poll. It's time to ask your question and add options for your audience to select!

If you need some help check out my post on copywriting tips that will demand attention.

  1. Edit your options and share!

Once you have typed out your thought-provoking question, you can now edit the answers your audience will see. The default answers are just a simple Yes or No. You can get creative by tapping on the answers to change it.

Now it's time to share your story and get tons of engagement from your Facebook audience!

Create a poll using Facebook messenger 

More people utilize their personal Facebook page than an actual business page for their business.

The main reason is that your engagement is much higher on your personal Facebook page than on a business page. Facebook wants you to "pay to play."

Plus, you can create polls with your personal page's group messages.

Let's see how you can do it in five easy steps.

  1. Create or open an existing group chat

The first step is pretty straightforward. Open the Facebook Messenger app and choose or create a new group.

  1. Tap on the + icon

On the bottom left-hand side of your messenger screen, you will see a + sign.

Note: If you are part of a group and don't see the poll option, it might be because the group admin turned this feature off.

  1. Tap on the polls icon

You should see three options: Split Payment, Share Location, and Polls. Once you tap on the polls icon, which looks like three horizontal lines on top of each other, you can create your poll.

  1. Add your question

Now it's time to engage with your group chat and ask them insightful questions.

As you type out an option, it will automatically add another row for you to add more options.

  1. Send your poll

Once you are happy with your question and the options for your group chat, it's time to hit send!

Are Facebook polls worth doing?

Yes, Facebook polls are worth doing. There are two main reasons for creating polls, in my opinion.

Reason 1: If you have an established brand or business, you can gain valuable insights that people won't comment on or message. People feel much more comfortable leaving private feedback.

Reason 2: Let's say you are thinking of starting a business but want to do some market research on target customers. Simply join a Facebook Group and start creating polls to get real-life feedback from potential customers.

Facebook polls increase engagement

Most users scroll aimlessly on the platform without much engagement if you think about it. Some might like a post here and there or leave a comment.

Using polls breaks up the monotony of the platform and allows them to leave their personal opinion or feedback.

Final thoughts

Polls are an excellent tool for your business or brand. It allows you to get into the minds of your audience to see what they like and don't enjoy.

Asking your audience the right question will help you create new products, adjust your marketing strategy, or get to know your audience better.

Derek Saunders

Derek Saunders is a freelance content marketer and runs a marketing and software review blog. He aims to help freelancers, bloggers, and business owners grow in a better way online.

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