How many different Roblox games were played in 2018?

Updated on
February 1, 2023

Roblox has been around since 2006, being one of the first platforms with user-created games.

During the pandemic, Roblox has seen insane amounts of growth. However, 2018 was a golden year for Roblox boosting its user base, games created, and games played.

As of August 2022, Roblox has over 220 monthly active users. In August of 2020, it had roughly 150 monthly active users.

Let’s jump into how many different types of games were played in 2018 and what exactly happened with Roblox in 2018.

What happened with Roblox in 2018

In 2018 the first game to reach 2 billion place visits within Roblox was MeepCity.

What is MeepCity?

Alexnewtron developed the role-playing environment known as MeepCity. It incorporates elements influenced by Disney's Toontown Online and Club Penguin and makes several references to these casual children's MMOs. Since Alexnewtron spent a lot of time playing these games as a child, he likely holds a special place in his heart, which served as an inspiration for MeepCity.

How many games were played in 2018?

In 2018 Roblox had around 300,000 games created by players and regularly played. A few of the most popular games at that time were:

  • MeepCity
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Roblox High School
  • Lumber Tycoon 2
  • Apocalypse Rising
  • And many more

Roblox Stats in 2022

  • Roblox has 32.6 million daily active users. Roblox has added almost 10 million active users from January of 2022.
  • There are 345,000 developers on the Roblox platform.
  • Roblox developers and creators earned more than $500 million in 2021.
  • 67% of Roblox users are under 16 years old.
  • Over $1 billion has been spent on the platform.

How many games are available on Roblox now?

There are currently over 18 million different games to choose from on the Roblox platform. Most of those games are created by their users.

The top 10 most played games on Roblox are:

  1. Brookhaven
  2. Adopt Me!
  3. Blox Fruits
  4. Murder Mystery 2
  5. Royale High
  6. Welcome to Bloxburg
  7. MeepCity
  8. Pet Simulator X!
  9. BedWars
  10. Tower of Hell

What is the average daily usage of Roblox?

On average, a Roblox daily active user will spend roughly 156 minutes (2.6 hours) per day on the platform.

Source: Roblox

Final thoughts

This was just a glimpse into how many different Roblox games were played in 2018. 2018 was definitely a pivotal moment for the platform and saw insane growth from 2018 until now.

Every day they are adding new users, new developers, and new creators. Not only are they adding users, but their users are spending more time on the platform than ever before.

Roblox is being taught in classrooms worldwide, helping pave the future for young developers and creators.