15 Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy

Updated on
February 1, 2023

Have you been wondering how to capture people’s attention online?

I am going to introduce you to some new formulas. Forget about those bland ‘how to’ formulas that everyone is used to, and let’s spice things up a bit.

For the next 15 headline formulas you will get the actual formula plus a few examples for each on how you could incorporate it in your business.

Imagine what a high converting headline could do for you. Imagine selling more than ever from a simple tweak or getting way more clicks!

1. Who else wants [insert desire]?

This headline is great for those that are skeptical. It helps provide social proof by telling the reader there are others just like them.


Who else wants to make more money with less effort?

Who else wants more time away from work?

Who else wants more traffic to their website?

2.The secret to [blank]

This one is guaranteed to grab attention and get people to take action. The reason why is because everyone wants to be let in on a secret.This is where you can share insider knowledge with your customers and provide them a ton of value. 


The secret to selling anything to anyone

The secret to landing your dream client

The secret to quitting your day job

3. Here is a method that is helping [blank] to [blank]

This headline is great because you are able to speak directly to your customer and hit their pain point. Imagine coming across a headline and it is basically telling you that it will solve your most pressing problem, wouldn’t you click it?


Here is a method that is helping homeowners save hundreds on insurance

Here is a method that is helping bloggers double their passive income

Here is a method that is helping business owners gain more time 

4. Get rid of [blank] once and for all

This headline is another great example of identifying your customer’s painful problem or unfulfilled desire they want to solve. It works like a charm every time, as long as you do your research and know your customer’s problems.


Get rid of unwanted fat once and for all

Get rid of your OCD once and for all

Get rid of your bad habits once and for all

5. 5 ways to boost your [blank] without spending more[blank]

List headlines always do well. When you pair it with a problem and a solution all in one line, the flood gates of traffic will open to your site.


5 ways to boost your website traffic without spending more money

5 ways to boost your energy without spending more time sleeping

5 ways to boost your confidence without spending more money on courses

6. How to get [blank] in half the time

Just about everyone out there wants instant gratification, with everything. This headline grabs a lot of people’s attention especially when you are speaking to their desires and telling them they can get it in half the time.


How to get 6 pack abs in half the time

How to get a promotion in half the time

How to get verified on Instagram in half the time

7. How to beat the fear of [blank]

Everyone has fears in life and just about everyone would like to know how to overcome those fears. By dialing in to your customer’s fear, you can generate a ton of interest and traffic with this headline. 


How to beat the fear of failing

How to beat the fear of speaking in front of a crowd

How to beat the fear of starting a business 

8. Little known ways to [blank]

This is a more creative way to letting your readers know you have a secret, and you want to share it with them. Using this headline implies that you have the knowledge that very few have, and you want to share it with your audience. This builds trust and credibility right off the bat.


Little known ways to retire at 45

Little known ways to replace your day job, quickly

Little known ways to cure any type of phobia 

9. Give me [timeframe] and I’ll give you [blank]

Just like any other good headline, this promises the reader a strong benefit. This one is more effective than usual because it promises to deliver that benefit quickly.


Give me 5 minutes and I’ll give you the secret to closing more deals

Give me 15 Days and I will transform your body

Give me 1 minute and I will give you all my marketing secrets

10. The lazy [blank] way to [blank]

This headline is very effective when it comes to busy people, which is just about everyone in today’s world. You don’t think of yourself as lazy, but you do want the easiest route to solving your problem.


The lazy blogger’s way to 10,000 views per month

The lazy business owner’s way to more leads

The lazy person’s way to losing 20 pounds – guaranteed

11. See how easily you can [result]

This headline is very tempting because it is promising a desired result in an easy way. Most people want the shortcut or route with the least headache. This effective headline promises just that.


See how easily you can make 10k per month

See how easily you can shed unwanted fat

See how easily you can learn a new high-income skill

12. You don’t have to be [challenge] to [desire]

You don’t have to be a genius to be a millionaire

You don’t have to be a geek to learn how to code

You don’t have to be lucky to get your business off the ground

13. Warning: [powerful statement]

This headline is guaranteed to get people to stop scrolling and read it. Warning represents a danger, and most people are extremely curious. They will want to know what you have to say.


Warning: If you spend more than 2 hours a day writing you need this

Warning: 4 out 10 people will get fired for this one reason

Warning: Do you recognize these 5 early warning signs of business failure?

14. How [blank] made me [blank]

If you want your headline to be more personal, this one is gold. You want the two blanks to contrast each other to pique curiosity in more people. They will feel more compelled to see what your post is all about.


How a simple idea made me $1M

How this one trick made me a ladies’ man

How this homeless man made me a better person

15. [blank] ways to [blank]

This is a more concise version of a ‘how to’ formula. It shows them right off the bat what they are getting and what they can expect.This headline will generate a ton more clicks for your list blog post.


100 ways to make more money today

10 ways to lose fat in 5 days

33 ways to write better copy 


Keep in mind, that for a headline formula to work well you need to understand why each formula works.

Don’t blindly throw in a formula without thinking it through or else it will not work like it’s supposed to.

Once you take the time to fully understand the formulas, you will be able to make the headline so compelling that your most distracted customer won’t be able to resist not clicking.